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How is success attained? 
This subreddit encourages young men to be successful, not only with women, but in every facet of their lives. However, many of the things required to be successful are rarely talked about here. Hopefully by the end of this post the readers will have an idea of what they should be doing to assure they live successful lives. Keep in mind that TRP principles are implied with every key point in this post.
If you are young and in college, chances are you're fucking broke. You have to eat Ramen every week because you can't afford shit else.  Take advantage of free food whenever you get the chance. Don't be ashamed to do so. It's only lame if no one else is doing it or you're doing it by yourself. Bring a friend to the free lunch. Bring a plate. If there are no free lunches, learn how to shop. Look for deals in stores. Don't spend all of your money in one place.
Use every free lunch you have as an opportunity to put a little bit of cash away.  If you do this enough, eventually you'll have a nice little piggy bank when you graduate or maybe you'll have enough to go somewhere nice on spring break where you can take pictures with foreign sluts and post it on Facebook as pre selection. Or maybe you have student loans to pay, so go ahead and make a nice little down payment. Put it into some stocks. Do something productive with it.
If you're the partying type, go to house parties, not clubs or bars. It's either fucking free or a helluva lot cheaper. And if you're holding a house party, which you should only be doing if you have a big social circle, tell everyone to bring something. 
Be smart about your money. Don't spend it like a bitch who just divorce raped her husband.
Like I mentioned above, you should only be hosting house parties if you have a large social circle. Because you're guaranteed that a lot of people will show up, and everyone will be required to bring something. End result: a great party.
Well, how do you make these connections? It might sound stupid, but be social! Being social is not hanging out with the same five guys every Saturday night at your favorite wing spot. Being social is meeting and linking up with new people every day. Volunteer in a place with high traffic. Make small talk with people and build relationships. If you're in college join intramurals. If you work in an office, start a fucking office basketball team or chess team. Do SOMETHING.
One thing I've been looking into recently is becoming a caddy at a nearby gold course. Why? Who golfs? Successful men. Go places successful people go. By being near these guys and building a relationship with them, you'll have entered a new social circle. A circle filled with people who have years of corporate experience and connections. These will be the guys you call when you're looking to get your name in with a company you're trying to get into. When you have these types of connections, people will eventually recognize it. And they will follow.
 I always see people saying, how do I become a commander of men and command respect from the men around me. The answer is be a man. Build connections, make smart decisions, and you will be successful. And people will follow you.

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