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haha l Shitty mails
   Verbaandert, Nick (122931)   
Thu 7/3/2014 7:48 PM
Hello Mr. Dini
The mistake on your part was  not failure to communicate in reply to emails of mine, that was my fault  for sending it from a personal email resulting in probable spam  filtering. In fact, since I sent it to dini.d@nhtv.nl instead of to this mail address and the NHTV servers block external  emails according to someone at school it may not even have been put in  the spam folder but outright not accepted.
The mistake on your part was not contacting me despite me being entered in the overflow slots on this webpage:
Which necessitated me contacting you in the first place.
If you wanted to see proof of  me sending an email last month from my personal mail we will have a  problem, my personal mail is set to not keep an outbox due to private  reasons. Had I sent it via this address I could have shown proof, but there would most likely not be a need for said  proof in that scenario either.
Either way, I will be at  college at 12:30 tomorrow to show my work, unless you send me an email  refusing that before 11:30. I hope you can at least refuse quickly in  that case to save me travel time.
Nick Verbaandert (122931)
   Dino Dini <dndn1011@gmail.com>   
Thu 7/3/2014 5:40 PM
   Verbaandert, Nick (122931);  
   Ambachtsheer-van Schijndel, Nova;  
  You replied on 7/3/2014 7:48 PM. 
Dear Nick, 
I checked and do not see such an email.
I have also been unable to verify any communication with me by yourself on this issue.
I have reserved a slot at 12:30, which you may attend, but I will  need confirmation before being able to enter the grade. I will need  proof that there was a mistake on our part before allowing a third  opportunity.
I have CC'd Nova, so she might be able to provide more information.
On 3 July 2014 14:29, Verbaandert, Nick (122931) <122931@edu.nhtv.nl> wrote:
Hello Mr. Dini,
You told me to send you  an email about a possible retake this Friday for SAD. Just as a  reminder, here's what happened during block C:
I applied to the  overflow spots for the retake on Wednesday, putting down my email as  well. Received no email or notice about when to possible come by later.  From the fact that at least one other person who applied to overflow spots did get a grade I assume you contacted the others.
During block D you were  contacted by Nova Ambachtsheer (if I am not mistaken, she told me she  did) about solving this issue. I was told to send an email, which I did,  to which I received no response. In hindsight I think I sent it from my private e-mail and it probably landed in your  spam folder. My mistake.
I hope you'll have some  time tomorrow to look over my assignments and give me a grade, as this  is my last chance at getting my P, and being kicked out of IGAD due to  simple mistakes on both sides would leave quite a sour taste in my mouth.
Nick Verbaandert (122931)

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